I am so excited and honored that your intuition led you here. The simple fact that you were pulled to my website is already a huge sign you needed a change, and you are ready to open your heart, your mind and your soul to something different, to a different approach.


I could go into my list of collegiate degrees and spiritual certifications but I am going to hold off on that for the moment as I want you to get to know the real Kate, the one who first needed a change, the one who created this community as a safe place to help others while helping myself as well.

What I will share is that I am a lover of magic and all things self-love.

It guides my path and connects me to my purpose.

  • Do you feel disempowered?

  • Do you struggle to stand in your power?

  • Do you lack a self-love practice?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and drained?

  • Do you wish you could live the life that you truly desire?

I have been there before and I know exactly how you feel. You are not alone.


It all started because I was once so lost.

My fiancé had just committed suicide, and my world collapsed around me. I was in a very dark place.

I had two choices, I could succumb to the mess I was left in, or I could pick up the pieces and rebuild my entire being. I wasn't ready to give up on myself, so I chose the latter.

I stepped onto this path with no expectation of what the future might hold. Little did I know that I was about to create the life I had always dreamed about.

That this tragedy led me to the greatest gift of all, my awakening.

I found a positive light amidst all the chaos, and that is when I realized I wanted to share my knowledge, experience, and healing abilities with the world.

This helped me to realize everything happens for a reason and that even if you are in a “why is this happening to me” mentality you have to know you are a small part of a bigger plan the Universe has created for you and that someday you will be able to understand it. You need to accept that, even if you are struggling, even if something bad or tragic happens, you are exactly where you need to be.

In time you will learn that while you are in pain and you are living the darkest moments of the soul massive changes happen, and this would end up being that shift that will literally change you and your life for good.


I created Soul Sessions to inspire, educate, and empower souls along their paths while giving back all that I have learned on my journey.

My vision is to serve as a leading light and a well of inspiration for souls looking to activate the magic within and raise their vibration. We will create some magic. Together. We are One!