“Kate has become such a strong force in my life over the past few years. She helped me unveil my spirituality and the magic I have been suppressing, things I forgot about and helped me tap back into my true authentic self.

I am so grateful for the light she has shown me and I cannot wait to continue following the light and traveling on this path, I am forever grateful.”

- Tasia S.


“I have worked with Kate for the last 8 months and it has been an inspiring journey!! She is an amazing healer with a heart of gold. She has given me much comfort and guidance with grieving the loss of my father. Through her wonderful soul coaching, I have begun to find my own voice and stand in my power! I have gained much knowledge and learned many tools to help empower and heal myself. Working with Kate, has been a true gift to me!! My time with Kate is always something I both look forward to and treasure!!”

-Liza P.


“Kate has helped me so much through my journey of healing myself. Her combination of reiki, energy healing, and sound always leaves me feeling calm and refreshed. If things come up before or after a session I can always reach out to Kate for advice which is so appreciated and needed.  Definitely recommend her to anyone in need of a mental pick me up as well as help with growing on their life journey.”

-Regina D.


“I first met Kate during a summer solstice class that she was hosting. This was my first experience with Sound Bowls, and it was phenomenal.  I spent the rest of the summer taking her Rebel Release class, and each time I left more at peace. In the Fall, I took it to the next level with Kate and had my first Soul Alignment session at her amazing space. Kate’s ability to tap into all the emotions and the things I have been hiding deep down was so uplifting. Her energy work, Reiki and use of nature was such an amazing experience. I woke up the next day feeling emotionally lighter. The more I work with her the more I feel like I am finally getting to the core of my soul and discovering my true purpose. She has even inspired me to take a Reiki class, so that I can use Reiki on myself and eventually others. I would not be on this path without her.


In addition, Kate is so accessible, when things “come up” or I have a question she always gets back to me quickly. She also is great about posting Instagram stories, watching them during the day helps remind me to breath and to focus on what is really important.

We all have things in our lives that can be improved and although getting to the bottom of the things that we have hidden so deep can be hard and scary, releasing with Kate is the best way to do it.  I’m beyond grateful that she is such an important person in my life and if you are thinking about improving and/or Reiki I would highly recommend her.”

-Emily P.


“Kate has been an incredible addition to my life. She has guided me through understanding my spirituality, healing some blocked energy , and has truly worked to help me through some big life changes. I am lucky to be working with such an inspirational professional, who I now call my friend. Thanks to Kate, she has uncovered a whole new world and way of thinking. This has been an amazing journey and I am looking forward to exploring even more soul work with her.”

-Celine Z.