Sound baths calm our often overstimulated nervous systems and in doing so, actually restores balance in the subtle body.

Cleansing your Chakra System promotes evolution of deep relaxation while reducing anxiety and stress that cause illness.


It is a meditative concert, and its name derives from the fact that, the person who receives this treatment would be unique in its kind, is totally immersed in these cascades of vibrating sounds, emitted by ancestral and sacred, unconventional instruments.

The interesting aspect that I have found over the years is that in a room, with different people present, the same sound draws different sensations from each other, because each of us vibrates at its frequency and has its own experience behind it. Characterizes in its uniqueness.

One of the aspects that fascinates me most about this experience is the beauty of discovering one's own Essence, in a world that would all be the same.


Listening to these particular vibrating and harmonious sounds, stimulates a process of harmonization and rebalancing on all our energetic and physical bodies, and thanks to the Law of Resonance we recall to ourselves vibrations that we need at the moment, in the here and now ...

We are touched in the part we decide to involve, from the more material to the spiritual or emotional.

My mantra about sound baths is


Some of the many effects - benefits highlighted by people's shares, which have been touched by these sounds are:

  • The release of blocks and tensions of the body.

  • Stimulation of vital energy and having the possibility of feeling it flow into one's own Being

  • Expansion, sense of strength and love

  • Immediate relaxation

  • Harmony, Joy, a sense of peace

  • Contact with oneself through visualizations of images, colors, etc.

  • Learn the art of relying, feeling more confident and determined.

  • Liberation, Lightness, Fluctuate in the energy of Heaven or Rooting in the energy of Mother Earth

  • Breathing Unblocks

  • Sensation of purification

And many others ... come and discover your own feelings!


Chakra Sound Bath

  • Relax, heal, and align as the waves of sound wash over you.

Chakra Sound Bath with Chakra Meditation

  • Clear and Cleanse the Chakras through sound and guided meditation,

    Chakra Sound Bath with Cacao Ceremony

  • Open up your Heart Space with Cacao and Sound.

Chakra Sound Bath and Seasonal Celebrations

Choice of:

  • Autumn Equinox Celebration

  • Winter Solstice Celebration

  • Spring Equinox Celebration

  • Summer Solstice Celebration

  • What is it?

  • Welcoming Ritual

  • Reflect & Manifest


(All workshops include a Chakra Sound Bath.)

Crystal Workshop

  • What are Crystals used for?

  • How do you buy Crystals?

  • How do you clean/clear Crystals?

  • Using Crystals to Heal.

Oracle Card Workshop

  • What are Oracle Cards?

  • How do you use Oracle Cards?

  • Exploration of various Oracle Card decks.

Vision Board Workshop

  • Consciously Creating your Reality.

  • What is a Vision Board?

  • How do you use a Vision Board?

  • Create a Vision Board.